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Are you looking to apply to work with Scion Staffing? Take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions for candidates to get you started on your journey!

FAQ for Clients

How much will using Scion Staffing cost my company?

No cost until you make a hire, the cost depends on the candidate and type of hire (temp, direct-hire, executive, etc.)

How long will it take for our company to get an employee from Scion Staffing?

Woman Shaking Hands with Employer After Interview - Scion Staffing FAQ for ClientsIt depends on your urgency and when you need an employee. In some cases, we can fill a position in 48 hours or less!

How can I hire an employee through Scion Staffing?

You can request staff by visiting our Request Staff page, located here on our website!

Are candidates background checked before they work with us?

If the position requires a background check, Scion Staffing will provide a background check!

What kind of jobs does Scion Staffing fill?

Scion Staffing can fill jobs from a wide variety of industries. From accounting to graphic design, we can find a candidate that is the perfect match for your needs!

What if I’m not satisfied with the employee placed?

We understand that sometimes the candidate may not be the best fit. We ask for two weeks’ notice to keep professionalism. Contact our placement team to help with the process and answer any questions.

When I hire a temporary employee, who pays the employee?

Scion Staffing is the employer of record for our temporary employees, and Scion Staffing pays them on a weekly basis.