Why Fundraising Is So Important To Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising plan

Why Fundraising Is So Important To Nonprofit Organizations

At times, fundraising seems like the cornerstone of nonprofits. Yearly and quarterly fundraising goals are common as they sustain and propel nonprofit organizations to continue to grow their mission and pay their staff. As nonprofit staffing professionals, we understand that fundraising for your nonprofit is incredibly important and we’re discussing why below.  



Fundraising for nonprofits forces them to get creative! In many cases, in order to be eligible for grants, sponsorships, and other free money, a nonprofit will need to show that they are reaching and affecting as many people as possible. Fundraisers bring people together as they all are motivated for a specific cause. This, in turn, can give a nonprofit more awareness to their cause and mission.  


Common Goal: Mission Matched 

As fundraising brings awareness to your cause and nonprofit, it also rallies people together- particularly people who are connected and motivated by the nonprofit’s mission. As a nonprofit gathers more people who are aligned with their mission, they are likely able to fundraise even more- it a positive cycle that can keep going. Additionally, as people put their money behind a nonprofit their focus, passion, advocacy, and time often follow– that’s where change happens!  


Grow Volunteer Base

Fundraising not only raises funds but raises awareness and this can bring more volunteers to the cause. People who are willing to donate their time are as truly just valuable as those willing to donate their money. With volunteers lending their skills, experience, and expertise to your cause, you could save a significant amount of money. 


Expand Ability to Continue the Mission

If a nonprofit isn’t fundraising, inevitably, its source of funding will cease and thus the nonprofit will no longer be able to sustain itself. Fundraising is incredibly important for planning the upcoming budget for the following year for your nonprofit, so you can know how to allocate your funds and grow your staff. Additionally, fundraising gives nonprofit organizations the ability to continue to grow their mission and help their community. You can show your supporters how their funds have helped impact your mission, year after year to show that fundraising really does work.  


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