Our Mission And Values

Our Mission And Values: About Our Staffing Agency

It is our mission to provide the nation’s best staffing agency and executive search solution. We genuinely care about the people we serve! We attribute our high standards of personal service as the primary reason why we score such a high retention rate with our workers. Overall, we believe our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart.

We conduct our business guided by these core values:


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We strive to deliver lasting value to our staffing customers. We believe that success is a pattern that stems from our dedication and commitment to refinement.


We do the right thing. We listen to our customers, we communicate honestly, and we deliver on our commitments.


Our passion for helping people find great jobs is the key driver to our success and expertise. We take pride and enjoy each and every employee match we undergo.


We believe in relationships, and not just transactions. We take very seriously the promises and commitments that we make.


Our interactions with our customers and with each other are conducted with the highest ethics and empathy.


Teamwork is paramount in all that we do, in our relationships with clients, with alliances, and with each other.


As members of the Scion Staffing team, we are committed to challenging ourselves constantly to deliver increasing value to our customers.


Scion Staffing is an award-winning full-service executive search firm, direct-hire, and temporary staffing agency that provides clients with extraordinary talent for hire. Staffing San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and beyond.

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