Executive Search Services for Senior Administration Leadership: Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Legal Officer

Retained Executive Search Services for Senior Administrative Leaders.

From the most competitive start-ups and high-tech corporations, to top expanding corporations, our Executive Recruiters are experts at placing a diverse range of executive talent.

About Our Firm & Services:

Scion Staffing specializes in the executive recruitment of exceptional senior administrative leadership.

We thrive in recruiting your ideal officers or executives whether it’s in the realm of administration, Human Resources, operation, legal, et al. We also have decades of experience stewarding entities during formation, expansion, and reorganization to successfully retain experienced proven leadership.

It is our mission to provide our clients with extraordinary talent for hire that will expand your business capabilities.

Our experience is vast, industry wide, and our geographical recruitment networks are limitless. As an award-winning executive search firm we stand ready to leverage our vast executive candidate network, online and social recruitment candidate pipelines, and robust networking capabilities.

Our Senior Management Executive Search Team leads engagements for:

  • -C-Level (CEO, CFO, COO, CAO, etc.)
  • -Chief Human Resources Officer or Chief People Operations Officer
  • -Chief Legal Officer (CLO) / General Counsel
  • -Vice Presidents


Why Choose Scion?

  • -Scion Staffing is an award-winning full-service executive search firm.
  • -We are part of the top 250 Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the world list by Forbes ranked 31st overall (and climbing) internationally.
  • -We have been published as one of the leading search firms by the Business Times for over ten years running.
  • -We boast a 98% retention rate at the two year mark for our placed Senior Management executives, and cultivate long term executive placements.
  • -Our executive recruiters are experts, passionate, and leverage every opportunities to place the best suited executive talent in your company.
  • -Our national and international recruitment pipeline offers a reach to over 14,000,000+ executive candidate options.
  • -We stand ready to launch your search immediately and can customize our proven strategy and process to best meet your hiring goals.


We Provide:

  • -A robust private candidate network of national and international senior administration leadership.
  • -The identification and direct recruitment of executive candidate targets.
  • -Professional networking and deep recruitment services.
  • -Ongoing executive search leadership and support.
  • -A guaranteed hire.

We make hiring the right executive an attainable reality for our busy clients.

We’ll Find the
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Our Executive Search Process & Methodology

We offer the most expedient -comprehensive- executive search service in the business. All aspects of the search and placement are taken care of for you. The following is a list of services we provide to our Executive Search clients:

  1. Analysis – We learn, plan, and immediately create a successful recruitment schedule you may rely on.
  2. Recruiting – We leverage.
  3. Networking – We cast a wide net.
  4. Screening – We are skilled.
  5. Evaluation – We are thorough.
  6. Candidate Presentations – We deliver.
  7. Client Interviews – We schedule.
  8. Final Candidate Selection – We carefully recommend and answer your questions.
  9. Reference & Background Checking – We are detailed.
  10. Final Offer/Close – We make it happen.